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We have been servicing hospitality, healthcare, textile rental industries, designers, architects’, project developers and other major textile clientele for more than 40 years. We know your challenges and we know what bargains in product and service you require to be successful in the competitive markets.

As you know the textile industry is fiercely competitive, we want to lock you in as customers, so our solution to ‘would be’ rivals and competitors, is to trim customers’ overhead costs by providing high-end quality products and efficient customer care service from the inception of the order to the handling and shipping.  That’s what we established this business to do, and so far, we have done so very successfully, and it helps our business grow too.

We are always contemplating ways to provide you, our most valued customer, benefits to keep you satisfied and returning, so we have implemented a way to ensure that every time you sign onto our Rifz Textile Inc. website, you are guaranteed to benefit in dollars and cents.  How are we able to offer continuous discount prices for the quality services we provide? We can afford to offer great pricing for industries such as hospitality, healthcare, gyms & spa’s at wholesale costs because of the success of our global markets.  Our new offices in the USA are producing the results we projected which allow us to share our growth with our customers.

The Wholesale program is ideal for industrial laundries, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, designers, architects, and developers working on projects.  In fact, our wholesale program is becoming a winning traction with our new customers.  Here is a synopsis of the types of benefits you can expect when you sign in on our website to do business with us:

  • Volume discount (your discount is custom and comparative to your volume purchase.  So each time you buy in volume, you can look forward to savings.
  • Dedicated customer care experts who are always available to facilitate proper handling of all order concerns from inception to completion.
  • Variety to choose from, for example, Exclusive products for home textiles, bedding, bath linen, table linen, cleaning, kitchen linen and more.
  • Customer designed manufacturing.

Are you ready to see how much signing in can save you? Explore the variety of the options we provide by calling one of our professional experts.  To learn more about the many great offers we have designed to empower your business and save you cost hikes, and therefore preserving the quality of your services and products, contact one of our professional representatives now (866) 534-1939, for further details. Our mission is to assist the success of your operation by standing on our legacy of affordable prices for quality products and services.

It is our motto and guarantee, we will cater proudly and efficiently to each and every one of your textile manufacturing and distribution need.